Early Orange County

     1734 formation of OC


​    Historic maps of OC

​    1734 map of OC

     1734 Postcard Map of OC

     Orange County Forms a Government, 1735

     Fords over the Rapidan
Early Roads
Early Land Patents

     Fords over the Rapidan, 1864


Colonial Times

     James Waddell & Church of Blind Preacher

     Nathaniel Gordon and the Town of Gordonsville

     Leland-Madison Park
Elections in 1777 and How Madison Lost One

Revolutionary War 

     Pre-Revolution Action by OC Men
OC Men Fight in the Revolution
The British in OC during the Revolution

     Marquis de Lafayette

Orange County Before the Civil War

    The Fried Chicken Ladies of Gordonsville

     Gold Mining

Civil War & Reconstruction in OC

     Nannie Helen Burroughs
     Orange Graded School

     The Fried Chicken Ladies of Gordonsville

     Robert E. Lee in Orange County 

     Lee's Encampment during Winter 1863-64

     ​Robert E. Lee and St. Thomas's Episcopal Church

     Photos of the Wilderness (Mathew Brady)

     Shelter for Civil War Soldiers

     Recreation for Civil War Soldiers

​     Civil War around Woodberry Forest

     Dawn to Dust, A Day in the Life of a Soldier

     Rapidan Line

     Jeb's Narrow Escape

     Freedmen's Bureau in Gordonsville


Turn of the 20th Century

    Main Street, Gordonsville, 1909

World War I
     World War I Veteran H.C. Lonergan

Roaring 20s & Depression
     Prohibition and Anti-Saloon League

     Edna Lewis

World War II

​     American Silk Mill

     Andrew Maples, Jr.

     Andrew Maples Update

     Staff Sergeant William Breckenridge Grymes

Korea & Vietnam

Civil Rights

     End of Segregation: A Black Boy Scout Troop in Orange

     Gussie B. Taylor

OC in the 20th Century

OC Schools

     Shady Grove School

     Prospect Heights Middle School

People, Places, & Businesses


​     Historic maps of OC

​     VA counties (without names)

     VA counties (with names)

     Orange County places

     1734 Postcard Map of OC

     1734 Map of OC    ​    

     Rapidan Line

      Fords over the Rapidan

     Prohibition Map of Virginia

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The video “Right Here in Orange County!” by Frank Walker and Phil Audibert is an overview of the uniqueness of Orange County History.  

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Local History for Educators 

Welcome! The Orange County Historical Society is committed to the teachers of Orange County in their quest to teach a comprehensive history of the United States supported by the richness of local history. History taught in schools is usually focused on US or world history but those histories ignore the places that students see everyday. Local history is found in the names of streets and roads, the buildings and schools, and roadside markers passed daily by students in buses. Knowing and incorporating local history into US and world history gives meaning to broader events and helps students understand and appreciate their own world.

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