Buried Above Ground, by Ray Ezell, introduces the fascinating tradition of people intentionally placing objects within building walls, and why they may have done so.  You will be amazed, and sometimes amused, at the items that have been found both here in the Virginia Piedmont, and around the country and beyond.

In October, Frank Walker recorded his excellent talk on the four women who were most influential in our first president’s life, entitled George Washington and His Women.  Informative, and presented with Mr. Walker’s usual sly humor, it is a delightful way to learn about a side of General Washington that we don’t often consider.

Orange County (VA) historian Frank S. Walker relates a history of Orange County in an informative, but brief, run through the highlights from our earliest days to the 20th century. Distilled from a series of six longer presentations, this version provides an excellent introduction for newcomers or the just plain curious, as well as a refresher for those who have lived here longer.

This offering, meant to be one of our Fall 2020 programs, was premiered on Sunday, November 22nd.  Letters to Tyler, presented by Bill Speiden, is the story of his family, embodied in his recent book, Letters to Tyler, an homage to his late wife, Sandra Speiden, whose presence in Orange County, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and beyond will not be forgotten.  Learn, as will her grandson who never got to know her, about her accomplishments, as well as those of the entire Speiden family.

Since we have been unable to have in-person programs for most of 2020, we thought it might be fun to start a YouTube channel and bring programs to you virtually.  We plan to post at least one more video before the end of the year, and hope you will find this a worthwhile endeavor. With the advent of History-to-Go, we are now able to bring our presentations not only to the people who live within a reasonable distance of our Research Center, but also to the large number of members who live too far away to attend in person. We hope you enjoy this format. Go to our main YouTube page by clicking this link:  From there, you can select the presentation you would like to see. If you wish, you can subscribe to our channel, which makes going to our site even easier.

Rediscovering Little Petersburg was our initial offering on the YouTube channel. The premiere, held in November 2019 at the Bethel Baptist Church in Orange, was very warmly received.  Produced by Doug Myrick and the late David Sides, and photographed, written, and edited by Phil Audibert, the Rediscovering Little Petersburg video was originally intended for our March 2020 program.  Now, instead of waiting any longer to see this wonderful slice of history, you can enjoy it any time you wish.


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