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New board member: Patrick McAloon


Patrick has been interested in history from an early age. His work and hobbies have always included elements of historical research and instruction.

After completing an undergraduate degree in East Asian Studies at the College of William & Mary, McAloon lived and worked in China for two and a half years. Returning to the U.S. in 2001, he earned a graduate

degree in Chinese language pedagogy at Ohio State University. McAloon continued to enjoy learning and sharing history by giving workshops on American and Chinese history.

In 2021, McAloon and his wife bought the ca. 1830 Holladay House in downtown Orange. Becoming stewards of a local landmark structure drew McAloon and his wife to learn about the house and its surroundings, knowledge which they share with guests and visitors.

McAloon is a member of the James Madison Museum of Orange County Heritage and a past member of the Norfolk & Western Historical Society. McAloon also serves on the boards of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce and the Orange Rotary Club.

Also returning to the board after serving out unexpired terms of previous board members are: Patrick Colby, our Buildings and Grounds Committee Chairperson and James Luther, our Treasurer. Ray Ezell is starting another term as president.


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