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This is the story of of the Speiden family, embodied in William H. "Bill" Speiden's recent book, Letters to Tyler.  In it, Bill tells the story of his late wife, Sandra Speiden, whose presence in Orange County, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and beyond will not be forgotten.  Learn, as will her grandson who never got to know her, about her accomplishments, as well as those of the entire Speiden family.

Copies of Letters to Tyler are available at the Historical Society's Research Center (130 Caroline Street, Orange, VA 22960).  All proceeds are being donated to the Orange County Historical Society.

Softcover, 2019

​​Rediscovering Little Petersburg

Just after the Civil War, newly freed African Americans faced the daunting challenge of where to live and how to survive in an oft times hostile new social order in the south. One solution was to establish self-sufficient freedman's villages, sometimes with the help of their former masters. These communities thrived up into the mid-20th century, but then faded as younger generations moved away to take advantage of job opportunities in the cities.

One such freedman's village is Little Petersburg. Located in Orange County, Virginia, Little Petersburg survives to this day, mostly because of a small church and its dedicated congregation. Rediscovering Little Petersburg takes a look at this remarkable community and its church through the eyes of people who were born and raised there.

DVD, 2019


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