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Auditorium re-do

Thanks to a $25,000 gift in the name of the late Sandra Speiden, the Historical Society Auditorium is undergoing a much-needed renovation. After fixing a pesky gutter leak and installing new insulation and sheetrock, the society will construct a new storage space

at the back of the room with new cabinetry in front of it. Finally, more storage and display space

will be added along the west wall and a presentation area at the front will be created.

Coinciding with this effort will be the purchase and installation of audio visual equipment,

so society programs can be livestreamed. The only thing that’s not certain is the timetable.

Right now, it seems doubtful the auditorium will be ready for our program in March.

Pictured, left to right: Board members Joe Wayner, left, and Rod Hawkins disassemble a half wall in preparation for a new and improved auditorium. Wayner and Patrick Colby send a

pickup truck load of stuff to the landfill. All the furniture that will remain in the auditorium

is in a pile in the middle of the room. Photos courtesy Bill Speiden


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