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Welcome! The Orange County Historical Society is committed to the teachers of Orange County in their quest to teach a comprehensive history of the United States supported by the richness of local history. History taught in schools is usually focused on US or world history but those histories ignore the places that students see everyday. Local history is found in the names of streets and roads, the buildings and schools, and roadside markers passed daily by students in buses. Knowing and incorporating local history into US and world history gives meaning to broader events and helps students understand and appreciate their own world.

This page is in its infancy, and new materials are being added continually.  If you are a teacher and have specific questions or seek facts that are not currently displayed, we can help. Please use the form below to submit a request. We ask that you allow two weeks for the research to be completed.

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The video “Right Here in Orange County!” by Frank Walker and Phil Audibert is an overview

of the uniqueness of Orange County History.


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