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Antebellum Orange

Antebellum Orange

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Antebellum Orange - UPDATED CD Edition

by Ann L. Miller

Before the American Civil War, architecture and the builders, building techniques, and building materials all tended to be more regional than at later times. Antebellum structures thus tend to more closely reflect a region's people and their values than later on. Architectural historian Ann Miller's work identifies, with pictures and extended notations, over 175 Orange County antebellum homes, public buildings, and historic sites and has therefore already become a "must have" classic.


The original 1988 edition (Hardcover, 185 pages with over 150 illustrations, plus maps and a full index) is Out of Print! However, the Orange County Historical Society has now published an updated edition on CD. The new edition has all of the information in the previous edition, with additional updated information and corrections!

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